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An In-Depth Look At How Dungeons & Dragons' New Miniatures Are Made

io9 gives us a look at what it takes to make a D&D mini. The article goes from art concept to finished mini that Gale Force Nine goes through to make their figures. The "tour" is guided by GF9's Matt Parkes, the creative manager for the company. If you've ever wondered what goes into the sculpting process or why miniatures sometimes look the way they do, you'll want to check it out. They look at several different miniatures and how the process works.

From the article:

A new D&D adventure comes out on April 7th, pitting players against the forces of elemental evil in "Princes of the Apocalypse." Gale Force Nine gave us an exclusive look at the process of creating the miniatures being released to accompany the adventure, from concept art to completed mini.

Gale Force Nine will be releasing one elemental cult a month from April to June. The plastic minis come unpainted and do require some assembly. GF9 Creative Manager Matt Parkes walked us through the entire process