An American Uncivil War preview

Architects of War have posted photos of the terrain and miniatures that will make up part of their upcoming An American Uncivil War range.

An American Uncivil War terrain

From their website:

It’s October 1st and we thought it time to give you a sneak peek at what we are really up to…
We will be launching our first complete range in November and will debut the line or at least a big part of it at Fall In. Now, this is an Architects of War line, and that means it will be complete with figures, buildings, terrain, accessories, and rules.

The range is called An American Uncivil War, and will provide you with a great way to start a new period or add to an existing American Civil War collection. It’s all about skirmish adventure gaming in the American Civil War…Looting, burning, spies, daring heroes, despicable villains and more.

Check out their website for full details and more photos.