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AMP: Year One Now Available in Print

Third Eye Games has the year 1 book of AMP, their super heroes RPG, available in print form now on their website.



From the announcement:

AMP: Year One, Third Eye Games’ new supers-themed RPG, is now available in print from the 3EG Online Store. The year is 2015 and AMPs, people with accelerated mutant potential, are making themselves known around the globe. This game puts the breakout year of AMPs under a microscope and explores what happens in a world that has never experienced their kind before.

In AMP: Year One, you’ll take the role of a person with superhuman powers and explore the hard choices such characters need to make. Do you use your new powers to benefit those around you or just to make a quick buck? What happens when the choices you make begin to affect the lives of others, or when you come face-to-face with another AMP and your instinct is to throttle them?

Powered by the DGS Combo system, AMP: Year One uses a single 20-sided die and a combination of two separate skills to determine the success or failure of your actions. You’ll spend Juice to activate your AMP’s powers and learn to balance the amount of adrenaline pumping through your veins; be careful not to exhaust yourself early in a fight if you plan on walking out alive.

AMP’s simple and guided character creation process allows you to create the character you want without being overwhelmed by options, but you’ll still have 50 powers and a broad range of Loyalties to choose from. Create the characters that best suit your story or style, or choose from more than 30 pre-generated characters designed to help you jump right into the action.