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AMP: Year One, A Modern Supers RPG is on Kickstarter

Third Eye Games has launched a Kickstarter campaign for AMP: Year One, their new modern-era super heroes RPG game. They've already passed their minimum goal level, so it's on to stretch goals for the next 24 days.


From the campaign:

AMP: Year One is a Modern Age, Generation One RPG. Players become the first of their kind in a modern world of conspiracy and danger. This game has been written and developed by Eloy Lasanta, fully playtested to be as awesome as superhumanly possible and is ready to be packed with amazing art with your help!

Pitch: Third Eye Games is back with an awesome new RPG entering a new genre we've not done before... supers. Yes, AMP: Year One is our brand new game of super-powered individuals, steeped in widespread conspiracy with a darker modern feel. Players take the role of people who are developing seemingly random superpowers and explore the ramifications that occur in the world due to such a grand event. AMP: Year One tells the story of the early days (the first year, if you hadn't already guessed) and how these people survive their new world of danger and wonder. It brings the feeling that these characters aren't "heroes" or "villains", but whole people in their own right with powers that could allow them to go in either direction. It becomes each character's choice what to do with their new abilities. Inspirations include movies like Push and Wanted, shows like Heroes, Alphas or Misfits and obviously comics like Gen 13 and Teen Titans. The X-men, in all its iterations, is also a huge inspiration from all three media sources.

AMP: Year One is powered by our brand new DGS-Combo system. Those familiar with other versions of the Dynamic Gaming System already know it to be a highly flexible system that uses only 1d20 and is great for intense drama/action. The DGS-Combo takes it one step further and fully integrates powers and character Loyalties into almost every die roll, bringing your character to life in many different ways.

AMP: Year One has already blown past its $6,000 goal and is now working on several stretch goals. The campaign will be fully funded on March 8th, 2014.