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Ammocast Episode #4 now available online

Ammocast, the podcast from Ammunition Games, now has episode #4 online for your listening pleasure. In this episode:

We're pleased to present Episode 4 of Ammocast: Unacceptable!

- Derby Wargames Show
- Midland Steamroller Final
- New Infinity Faction & Campaign Paradiso Book Imminent
- A Game of Dropzone Commander
- New Bushido Rules Set Online
- Ammunition Games Holiday in Spin's Millionaire's Lodge
- Iron Kingdoms Roleplay First Look
- Gargantuans Video
- Other Privateer Press Previews and Upcoming Releases
- Games Day & Golden Demon 2012
- Forge World Horus Heresy Book
- New Chaos Codex
- Painting Section
- Quick Fire Round