Ammo Box Games Wants your vote for one their 3 Designs for the front cover of Strike21

By Polar_Bear
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Jul 8th, 2012

Ammo Box Games wants your input. Which cover should they go with for their Strike21 game? Let them know what you think.

From the question:

We are undecided on the front cover design. We have created 3 designs so far and would like you to vote which one you would like to see as the final front cover of the Strike21 rule book

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  • Sejanus

    In the header for the posting it should be “their” not “there”.


  • The honest answer is I do not like any of the covers.

    I think everyone is allowed a typo now and again especially given the amount of entries on this site 😉

    Happy Gaming,


  • Cherno

    I fint them all pretty unimpressive, not to say unappealing.

    The tanks seem to be cropped badly, and they are of vastly different quality or rather style. Also, just filling them with red or green makes them pretty garish and hard to identify as tank at all.

    The background flames are very pixelated and don’t look like real fire or what I would imagine a burning city to look like at all.

    My suggestion: If there has to be a tank on the cover, show it whole and not two half tanks. Maybe compose the image in a way that makes it unique and presetns the game behind it somehow by using symbols or such.

    As for the background, I’d rather see the silhouette of a city with columns of smoke rising in front of a glowing horizon that is illuminated from the raging fires.

  • Grim6

    I think I’d like to see a modern 15mm game. Maybe if Battlefront ever moved to modern. Sadly though, I don’t think this is it. Every time I look at the game, it gives me a “meh” feeling.

    As for the covers, I agree with the above. The low resolution pics and poor lay out just reinforce the impression that this is a poor quality production. Maybe these are just mock-ups? Regardless, Ammo Box might be well served by investing in some art and design work. Regardless of what we say, we all judge books by their covers.

  • I think the computer generated imagery just doesn’t do the product front cover justice.

    Personally, I don’t see a difference between the 2nd and 3rd images. A more realistic cover might be in order guys.

  • Soulfinger

    Wow. I vote that all three covers get bundled into a time machine and sent back to my Middle School computer art class. They would do more to scare kids out of a career in graphic design than the Apple IIe ever did. This looks like the kind of gag that would come out of the Something Awful Photoshop Friday for “Make an awful book cover.” That someone could seriously put these out there and ask people to vote for the best one has to be a joke.

    To produce something this bad demonstrates to me obstinacy on the part of the designer(s), whom I must assume are trying to accomplish every element of production without sourcing anything, even though people are willing to produce quality cover art free of charge. That would lead me to suspect that the interior work suffers from “We don’t need no professional editing. I’m good with words,” “Playtesting is for chumps,” and the wonderfully myopic “My game is AWESOME no matter what anybody says!”

  • Soulfinger

    Actually, I used to work for a print on demand publisher, and these look a lot like the book covers that were outsourced from the Philippines. So that’s another possibility on the origins of this trainwreck.