Ammo Box Games announces Strike21 release date

By Polar_Bear
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Dec 1st, 2012

Ammo Box Games has announced a street date of Today! for Strike21.

Strike21 Rule Book is here and will be released on the 1/12/12. Go over to Ammo Box Games to purchase your copy of the Rule Book.

STRIKE21 is a wargame based in an alternative World War 3. The rules cover 15mm, 20mm and 28mm scale miniatures.

Strike21 is a fast based wargame which you can learn within a couple of hours and can be played as a big battle game or a small skirmish game. There is no limit.

The rule book contains three army lists and all the rules you need to play the game.

Thank you to everyone for all of your support

Have fun and play!!!

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  • inire

    I really want to know more about this, but even the trailers posted earlier on TTGN are gone. Does anyone have a sense of the rules, how they treat individual units, initiative?

    thanks if anyone can help!

  • ammoboxgames


    I am from Ammo Box Games

    The Strike21 rules are a rules set based in an alternative World War 3. They are alternative in the sense of Russia and China have invaded America. Russia and China have invaded America to install an Order called the Versteckt Order. The Versteckt Order will control all of the world to put the world to work on a huge space program to get out in to the galaxy and conquer other worlds and alien races in the universe. The Russian and Chinese governments will control the 6 billion people on Earth under the Versteckt order after they have taken over the whole of Earth.

    The rules play as a turn based system. The game mechanic used is a D6 system. It is a simple set of rules, All i can say is it is a skirmish style game which can be played in a few hours and learnt in the same amount of time. The game can be played with a few soldiers and vehicles or a huge amount of miniatures. You move your units one by one and with a ratio of 1 figure to 1 figure and 1 vehicle to 1 vehicle. There is no initiative in combat both players roll to hit. You roll a D6 to start the game the highest score goes first.

    Thank you for your interest and i hope you have fun playing the game.