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American War of Independence British Now Available from Wargames Factory

Wargames Factory is happy to release their new American Revolution British Infantry plastic box set over in their webshop.



From the release:

AWI British are here. 30 highly detailed, multi-part, hard plastic figures representing the center and flank companies of the British army during the American War of Independence. The uniforms represent the Royal Clothing Warrant of 1768 consisting of breeches, waistcoat, gaitors, and the regimental coat. There are four different headgear options such as the ubiquitous cocked hat, round hat, grenadier bearskin, and light infantry cap or helmet.

This kit contains alternate arms to create light infantry and grenadiers and there are enough plastic bases for all 30 miniatures. In addition to 24 infantry there is a command sprue consisting of 2 officers, 2 color bearers, a sergeant, and a drummer. The parts of the British box set are interchangeable with the other American War of Independence kits providing tremendous flexibility in the creation of the wide range of uniforms during the war.
Retail price of $24.95