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American Dynasty Political Board Game Up On Kickstarter

There's a chance we'll have another Clinton become the President next year. Like the Bushs, the Roosevelts, and the Kennedys, they're a powerhouse political family, even if Hillary doesn't make it to the Oval Office. But who, out of those families, is the greatest? Who will be known as the most powerful political dynasty in American history? That's up to you to decide in American Dynasty, a new political board game that's up on Kickstarter.

In the game, you'll become the head of one of the various families. Your goal is to make sure yours has the largest legacy. You'll do this by getting family members elected to office (both in Congress and as the President), having bills passed that increase your prestige, court the media into always showing you in a good light, and making sure the populace absolutely loves you. Over the course of five terms (rounds), you'll look to lock in your place in history, wheeling and dealing to make sure your family is the one in charge.

The Kickstarter campaign's up and running now. They're only 1/10 of the way to their goal, but there's still 26 days left to go.