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American Civil War Generals and Flags from All the King's Men

All the King's Men continues their American Civil War line with new flags and generals.

From the announcement:

These are 54mm metal figures. Generals come individually, but have lots of assembly options. A set includes one rider, 4 different left arms – holding a sword, map, binoculars, or pointing – and 2 different heads in Stetson hats. The heads are bearded and clean-shaven. These riders are original figures made by ATKM.

The horse in each set comes in 1 of 4 possible poses. Horses are plastic to keep the figures lightweight. They're made by Toy Soldiers of San Diego, and carried by ATKM.

Each general is $12 USD. The rider isn't modeled after any particular historical figure, so you can use him in any game or display.

Our new 54mm flags are full color, printed on heavyweight paper, and wrapped around a hard-wire pole. The pole is already painted. The flags are not actually glued to the poles, so you can adjust their height as needed.

Our current offerings include two Union national colors (with stars in a grid and oval patterns). A Union regimental color with no regimental number shown for widespread use; you can paint on your own. A Union cavalry guidon. A Confederate battle flag. And a Confederate cavalry guidon. No battle honors are included on any of these to keep them universal. They're meant to be as utilitarian as possible for your army-building needs.

Each flag also comes with a separate finial and set of cords. This metal piece is unpainted. It can be added to your color as appropriate to give the flag that extra dash. The cords can also be cut off to use just the finial.

You get all this for $7 USD per flag.

If you saw our infantry news story, you know that much of our ACW line was originally offered in plastic by Classic Toy Soldiers. ATKM has licensed those figures and made them available in metal for wargamers and collectors.

While the figures come unpainted, ATKM does offer a painting service. Just contact us for rates and details.