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American Civil War Artillery from All the King's Men

All the King's Men adds some firepower to the lines with their new artillery pieces for both sides of the American Civil War.

From the announcement:

All the King's Men continues our American Civil War offerings with artillery for the North and South.

These are 54mm figures. Crewmen are metal, with separate heads and accessories. All 6 poses are different, including 4 crew and 2 command.

You have choice of ordnance in each set: 12-pound Napoleon smoothbore, rifled Parrott gun on a Napoleon carriage, or mortar. All of these pieces are metal. We also offer a caisson, and forthcoming is a limber to create artillery scenes or to portray batteries in a wargame.

Each artillery set is $35. All the ordnance pieces are available separately for $15 each.

If you saw our infantry news story, you know that much of our ACW line was originally offered in plastic by Classic Toy Soldiers. ATKM has licensed those figures and made them available in metal for wargamers and collectors.

While the figures come unpainted, ATKM does offer a painting service. Just contact us for rates and details.

Also now posted is a set of ACW period revisions to the "All the King's Men" wargame rules. These period rules are available as a free pdf download on our site.