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Amera takes to the trenches

Amera Plastic Mouldings has some new vacuum-form plastic trenches they're showing off.


From the announcement:

NEW RANGE! We are introducing a vacuum formed modular trench system for 1/32 - 1/35 scale. Suitable for WW1 and other periods. So far we have produced a trench straight and trench end section which will enable the construction of an inexpensive trench system. The trench straight comes in 3 sections, consisting of trench front , back and duck boards. The trench section measures 15cm wide, 6.5cm high and about 36cm deep and retails at £6.50. The trench end retails at £5. Going up on site in next days or so, will announce as soon as available. Thanks goes to Mike from Porthmadog models for assistance in designing the trench.