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Ambush Alley Games Announces Tomorrow's War STRIKE FORCE Contest

Ambush Alley Games announces a contest:

From their announcemen:

That’s right! Ambush Alley Games & Osprey Publishing are looking for the best Tomorrow’s War painted sci-fi armies (any figures of any scale) in the world!

• Grand Prize for Best army wins $200 SRP of Osprey books
• First Prize & Fan Favorite win $100 SRP each of Osprey books
• Stores that host the Prize armies most often win $100 SRP Osprey books

Instructions for Submissions
• One entry per person
• Names of submitted Strike Forces may not include trademarked terms
• Submit up to five photos of your force
• Photos must be hosted (free services available include,, etc.)
• Submit your entry to with the subject line STRIKE FORCE SUBMISSION. Include links to your hosted photos and a short description of your force.
• Include your name and shipping address in your submission (this information will not be posted online and will only be used in case you win)
• All entries will be posted on the Ambush Alley Games Forum ( You do not have to be a member of the forum to enter or view submissions
• Winners will be selected by AAG/Osprey judges with the exception of the “Fan Favorite,” who will be determined by an online vote at the end of the contest
• Contest runs from November 15th, 2011 to January 15th, 2012.

Why gamers get excited about Tomorrow’s War:
• Flexible rules for any figures, any scale
• Rewards tactical play
• Interactive turn sequence keeps both players involved
• No IGO-UGO: React to you your opponent as he moves & fires
• Speedy game-play: Command fireteams instead of individuals

One reviewer wrote:

Rare is the game that makes you rethink your hobby. Tomorrow’s War has done just that. It is a quick, elegant game…