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Ambush Alley Games Announces New Release

Ambush Alley Games Announces New Release:

From their announcement:

Cold War Gone Hot, the latest Force on Force companion book from Ambush Alley Games and Osprey Publishing takes a look at the war that never was: the war that would have shaken the world if the Cold War had ever gone hot.

Cold War Gone Hot is divided into three sections:

COLD WAR FEARS contains scenarios based on the conditions that NATO believed existed during the Cold War – the Bear is fierce and powerful!

COLD WAR REALITIES contains scenarios based on conditions more nearly as they were, based on historical perspective – the Bear is formidable but stoppable.

HOLLYWOOD COLD WAR contains scenarios based on what Hollywoood writers thought a hot war might look like – complete with teen-aged partisans, frozen ice stations, and para-glider assaults on Moscow!

All in all, there are 20 scenarios in the book along with special rules for the Cold War period and sample organization lists and vehicle descriptions for the Federal Republic of Germany, the Canadian Army, Danish Army, Royal Belgian Army, Royal Netherlands Army, the BAOR, the US Army and Marine Corps, and the USSR and Warsaw Pact variations.

The book also contains a handy section detailing equivalent NATO and Pact weaponry for those of us who aren't Cold War weapon aficianados and a miniatures guide for the period.

You can purchase the PDF from the Ambush Alley Games store now:

Print versions will be available in our store soon or can be purchased directly from Osprey Publishing here: