Ambush Alley and Osprey team up for next edition of Force on Force

Ambush Alley and Osprey Publishing will be working together on the next version of the Force on Force rules. From their announcement:
Osprey Publishing and Ambush Alley Games are very pleased to announce a new publishing partnership to bring out an updated and revised version of the Ambush Alley and Force on Force wargaming rulebooks. The new Force on Force will build on the success of Ambush Alley Games’ original publication, incorporating many improvements to the original rules as well as new scenarios and material put together in a beautifully realized series of books edited and printed to very high standards. Osprey’s global distribution network will bring these respected modern warfare rules within the reach of wargamers everywhere. The current rules allow gamers to recreate on their tables warfare in the late 20th and 21st centuries. Ambush Alley covers intense counter-insurgency actions in an urban environment, while Force on Force takes a look at the other face of modern warfare: symmetrical, kinetic engagements between professional forces. Osprey and Ambush Alley will publish the new combined version (simply titled Force on Force) in April 2011. The range will initially consist of the main rulebook and four supplements released over the first year. Existing material will be fully revised, expanded and updated, and brand new material covering a wide range of modern conflicts will allow gamers to recreate battles from Korea to Kabul. Richard Sullivan, Marketing Director at Osprey commented: "After the success of Field of Glory, the rules we published with Slitherine Software Ltd, we looked very closely at what other great wargaming rules were available. A really great set of rules is not only successful in its own right, it also stimulates interest in reading about the conflicts and the soldiers it covers- something we are very keen to encourage. We were looking for something very specific: a great set of rules, put together by a group with commercial sense and a deep enthusiasm for what they do, with a loyal group of playtesters and fans behind them. With Shawn, his team and the Special Operators Group (SOG) we found them. I am sure this will not be the last thing we collaborate on." Shawn Carpenter, Managing Director of Ambush Alley Games, said: "I’m very excited about this collaboration, because I believe it will bring you the best that both companies have to offer. You’ll be receiving the same exciting content that we’ve been providing since 2007 and, thanks to Osprey, it will be presented in an even higher quality and more affordable format." Work now begins on preparing the books for publication world-wide.