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Amazing Pulp Adventures RPG up on Kickstarter

Amazing Pulp Adventures, from Scaldcrow Games, is over on Kickstarter and looking to be funded.

From the campaign:

Scaldrow Games and author Davey Beauchamp have come together to bring the world of Amazing Pulp Adventures to life in a way it has yet to be done; as a pen and paper roleplaying game for the Bare Bones System.

Davey Beauchamp’s Amazing Pulp Adventures is set in the sandbox setting of Sapphire City, the City of Tomorrow...To-day!

As the shadow of the second great war stretches across Europe -- threatening to envelope every civilized nation -- the most brilliant minds in the world gather together to create a beacon of hope and prosperity. Using technology well ahead of its time, these engineers and dream smiths create the city of tomorrow. Using scientific "miracle machines" in less than a year, the city is built from the ground up. A lottery is held to determine who can move to this post modernistic utopia...but the brightest lights casts the darkest shadows. Soon the shine of promise is tarnished with the threat of evil. Determined to keep the streets of Sapphire City safe, a new breed of hero arises! The first of them being MISTER ADVENTURE!