Amarillo Design Bureau February 2010 releases

Amarillo Design Bureau have sent along details of their February 2010 releases. All of these products are set to ship on February 22nd, 2010. All prices are in US$.

From their announcement:

Federation & Empire: 2010
The New Edition
A new edition of F&E, updated with new larger sheets of counters. Totally revised and updated rules designed to improve playability (no more of those awkward carrier groups; every ship has its own counter). The new countersheet of bases is included.
SKU #5006, $69.95

Federation Commander: Booster 92
New Ships!
Eight new entirely Federation Commander Ship Cards never available anywhere before now. Federation New Drone Cruiser, Klingon D5D, Romulan SparrowHawk-M, Kzinti MDC, Gorn CLE, Tholian PCW, Lyran CWE, Seltorian CLE.
SKU #4292, $9.95

Starmada Rules Annex
New Options: anti-fighter batteries, overthrusters, flotillas, limited ammunition. New rules: 3d movement, interception, critical damage. New traits: crew-killing, shield-ignoring, starship-exclusive, and/or catastrophic weapons.
Campaign system; intro to Sovereign Stars boardgame.
SKU #6125, $12.95

Starline 2400
ISC Battleship, SKU 1344, $11.95
Andromedan Terminator, SKU 1006, $5.95
Federation DDG and DDL, SKU 0228, $14.95
Federation Scout and DDF, SKU 0227, $14.95
Juggernaut, SKU 0080, $29.95