Alternative release Foul Mouth Freddy for Flintloque

Alternative Armies have released a new Flintloque figure, Foul Mouth Freddy.

Foul Mouth Freddy

From their announcement:

Its been a wee while but now out favourite rubbish gobbed Orc Sergeant is out for putting in all our games of Flintloque 3rd edition as of now.

Famed in such Orcs in the Webbe adventures as ‘Foul Mouth Freddy Saves the ****ing Sheep’ and ‘Foul Mouth Freddy saves the ****ing Guns’ this character created by veteran Flintloque fan Tony Harwood is a firm favourite of many players.

VLE09 Foul Mouth Freddy
1 Orc in Sergeant uniform with Bessie Musket and Bayonet.

Go here to see the miniature and to learn more plus links to the scenarios.

This code is, like all other VLE codes, limited to 250 numbered packs and for its cult value among Flintloque players its a sure addition to your collection. Get yours today.

I hear rumours there will be more Foul Mouth Freddy adventures on ‘Orcs in the Webbe’ later this year… I for one can’t wait.

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