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Alternative Armies Releases New Gaming Supplement

Alternative Armies New Gaming Supplement:

From their announcement:

What is the Ion Age Handbook?

The Handbook is a great resource for the Ion Age but it is also more than that. In this purpose made e-publication you will find several sections all of which will aid you in planning and playing any Ion Age game system such as MOTH or Firefight 2.0.

These sections are as follows:

-High Resolution Image Catalogue
-Images both Front and Back of more than one hundred and twenty 28mm white metal miniatures
-Uniforms and Schemes
-A short section on painting your troops inc. the Prydian Army, League of Canlaster and the League of Yordan with colour photos and artwork.
-Template Troops
-Pre-Made Profiles for MOTH for your roster inc. Planetary Militia, Muster, Retained, Desteria and Nobles allowing you to get into the action faster!
-Prydia Bleeds – MOTH Campaign Arc
-The start of a brand new full MOTH campaign spinning out of the Prydia Burns background in the main rulebook. Including Introduction, Platoon Creation, Between Games, Unique Characters and the first two scenarios, Dolly Mixture and Duck Hunt. The rest of the Prydia Bleeds Campaign will be released for free here on Barking Irons!

ION02 Ion Age Handbook (Sourcebook)
A4, 24 pages, Electronic Edition.
Only $2.00

The Ion Age Handbook is available for purchase and direct download now on our website.