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Alternative Armies Posts Background Booklet Now Available Completely Free

Alternative Armies announces Trolka and Trolkin Background Booklet Now Available Completely Free:

From their website:

As Troll Month continues it's celebration of the arrival of a new race into the wars on Valon, we are proud to present our readers with the brand new resource booklet, Trolka and Trolkin, at no charge !

It contains a wealth of background articles as well as full rules and statistics for use in your games of Flintloque and Slaughterloo.

Full Contents:

The Skandavian Region
The Race of Trolls (Trolka and Trolkin)
The Mordredian Wars - With Ney from Moskova
The Mordredian Wars – A Bridge too Furred
The Mordredian Wars – Cocoa and Ginger Biscuit Trolls
The Ferach Armee – Uniforms, Formations, Characters
Trolka and Trolkin – Skills, Traits, Flaws
Flintloque Statistics and Weapons Tables
Slaughterloo Unit Statistics and Personalities
Miniatures Gallery – Trolka and Trolkin
Flintloque Scenario – Bange and Oafson (shown below) in Zombie Killer Blues

Free from Alternative Armies as a PDF download - GET IT NOW !!!!

(A4 19pg 14.3mb direct download PDF from Mediafire for free just click the link above and click on the big green download button near the centre of the screen)

You can buy the duo and all the other new miniatures direct from the Alternative Armies webstore by clicking here.


As part of Troll Month we have a cracking special offer available to all our customers.

If you purchase any Trolkin, Trolka or Undead code (one miniature, a pack, a limited edition pack, a unit) or any Flintloque book we will automatically include a free Werewolf Officer from code 57811 worth over 2.50GBP in your package! You need only place your order we will make the inclusion of the miniature for you before dispatch.

Additionally if you order an entire 57812-U Lergo Line unit we will send you a free complete set of 57811 Ferach Werewolf Artillery Crew worth 16.00GBP! And if you place a painted order then your Werewolf or Werewolf set will also be dispatched to you painted and based at no extra cost!

This offer will remain open until 31st January 2012.

Thanks for Reading !

Alexander Scott.