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Alternative Armies placates your sweet tooth with Gingerbread Men

Alternative Armies brings some sweetness to the table with their new Gingerbread Men set. Though... I don't think they'll take kindly to you trying to eat them, and will probably fight back.

From the update:

We here at Alternative Armies are proud to annouce the release of a brand new Flintloque VLE Miniature Set, Bakerov's Gingerbread Men!

The pack contains six white metal one piece miniatures in 28mm scale.

An Undead Baker with two Dwarf Kitchen Assistants along with three identical large Gingerbread men.

A unique set of miniatures you will not find anywhere else! Perfect for exotic Flintloque games or other fantasy settings.

Full rules for this set can be found on Barking Irons.

Plastic Bases are supplied for all miniatures in this pack.

The Flintloque Very Limited Editions

Each and every Flintloque VLE set is limited to only 250 packs before the master and molds are destroyed. Supplied with a numbered insert containing optional rules and a uniform guide. This is the eleventh code in the very limited range.

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