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Alternative Armies has Retained Knights for their Sci-Fi line

Alternative Armies releases new Retained Knights for their sci-fi line. They're great for several different gaming systems.

From the release:

This week we have released four new 28mm Ion Age sci-fi miniatures. You can see them here and first off let me offer a big thank you and well done to Sam Croes who painted and based these four as a favour for AA.

These four are coded as follows:

IA190 Retained Squire with campaign version Moth Type 12
IA191 Retained Squire signalling the advance
IA192 Retained Squire with Octa Power Sword
IA193 Retained Squire running with Angis 12.5mm AP Rifle

IB051 Retained Squires (a pack of all four white metal miniatures with bases)

These four are all without helms for their armour and this was the number one request for new miniatures that the company got from gamers. Suitable as post (fire-team), lance (squad) leaders or just as troopers they add some great variety on the tabletop. Pricing is 2.50GBP each with a small reduction for the pack of four in IB51 at 9.00GBP.

Look for these miniatures in the Ion Age Miniature Range on the Alternative Armies website. Suitable for any 28mm science fiction game including MOTH and Firefight 2.0.