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Alternative Armies has a sales event

Alternative Armies is having a fire!.... uh... sale! Everyone loves a sale.

From them to you:

From March 16th 2012 until April 23rd 2012 you can get all of our new products and everything else with 15% off!

You can place an order, or more than one order, use the 15% discount code and select EITHER to get the order shipped to you as normal OR to pick up the order from us on the day if you are attending Salute 2012.

Here are the full details.

You can have 15% off any products on our website (except PDF downloads) in your order by placing items in the cart as normal and then when you reach the checkout screen (white background) enter this code as it appears here for fifteen percent off your cart total (not shipping). The code is ' salute01 ' the total will automatically reduce by fifteen percent on the screen if entered correctly. This applies to as many orders as you wish but note we will not be releasing any other new products until after the end of this promotion period so do not worry about missing anything (what nice fellows we are!). You will have selected your postal region as normal on the cart screen but if you wish to attend Salute 2012 and get your order directly from our trade stand (TJ09) and pay no postage then you can do so by selecting ' Direct Collect ' as your postal option. This will result in no postage charge on the order and your order being at our trade stand, packed, bagged and labelled with your name for collection. Note if you select this option but do not attend the show we will contact you regarding postage costs.

Salute 2012 is on April 21st 2012 which is a Saturday at the ExCel venue in the London Docklands UK.
Alternative Armies and will be on trade stand TJ09
The Alternative Gamers (headed by Gavin Syme) will be putting on a Flintloque demo at table GH16.

Please note that several items in our new releases for Salute Month are on pre-release ordering until 2nd April 2012.

These codes are:

ION01 MOTH Core Rules (A5 Book) - 5109 Sharkes Chosen (Boxed Set) - VLE11 Gingerbread Set (Pack)

If you place an order containg any or all of these codes for collection at the Salute show then they will be in your package as normal. If you place an order for delivery by mail that includes one or more of these items then your order will be held here by the company and then dispatched to you on April 2nd as normal. If your order does not contain any of these codes it will be dispatched as normal.

As we do every year we would like to point out that we will not be carrying all of our ranges to Salute 2012... its impossible even with a big stand!

Below is a list of what we are bringing. If what you desire is not on this list PLEASE order it online for collection... we hate to see sad faces.

Flintloque - All Game Books, Shilling Starter Packs, All Boxed Sets, All Releases from 2012 and 2011, All Limited Editions, The Swop Drawer, select older blister codes.
Slaughterloo 2nd Edition Boxed Set and a few recent (2011-2012) unit boxes and pack codes.
The Ion Age - All single miniature IA codes, bits packs, Firefight 2.0, MOTH, select IB blister packs.
Printed Publications - All Alternative Armies book titles
We will also have several thousand pro-painted miniatures covering all ranges including Flintloque, Ion Age, High Fantasy, Typhon, Erin etc...

We will be hosting a demo game of Flintloque 3rd edition at Salute 2012 on table GH16 !

Gavin Syme, author of Flintloque 3rd edition, will be hosting the game which will play two to three times across the day.

The scenario is 'Sharke and the Gingerbread' and will feature codes 5109 and VLE11 plus others including handmade terrain by Tony Harwood. If you wish to play then please email Alternative Armies and you will be allocated a time slot. Otherwise just turn up and throw some dice! All miniatures and terrain will be provided.

Everyone who plays in the demo game will get a white metal Kyng's Shilling which can be exchanged at the trade stand for free stuff!