Alternative add new monster for Typhon Greek myth range

he10_front_ws.jpgAlternative Armies have added a new monster, Thoas, to their Typhon game of Greek myths. From their announcement: A new monster for the Typhon range, the game of Greek Mythology in heroic scale from Alternative Armies: HE10 Thoas the Giant. Thoas the Giant, once kin to the Titans was cast out into the mortal world where he makes havoc and kills many Heroes who dare to end his reign of terror. An ally of the God Hades he may be included in a Drove of Shades. If you would like the full profile of Thoas for Typhon please email Alternative Armies directly. This two part white metal miniature stands 55mm tall when assembled (not counting the arms or raised axe) and is supplied with a round plastic base as pictured. It is priced at £6.00. Additionally we have re-organised the pricing on some of the other monsters in the Typhon range and updated all the photography for the entire range. Monster such as the Cyclopes and the Minotaur are now nearly 30% cheaper than they were. Browse the range to see all the images of Hpolite, Shades, Cyclopeans and Monsters. Keep in mind that we are in the midst of the Alternative Armies Salute month of offers. Save 15% off your order. Go to our site for details and the code to use. Also order to be picked up on the day and I will give you your order in person at the stand. If you have any questions please so drop me a line on