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Alternate History Wild West Buildings Available from Urban Lasercraft

Urban Lasercraft has some new terrain pieces to help spruce up your gaming table. These are alternative history Wild West buildings.


From the release:

We are super excited to announce another new product line from UrbanLasercraft LLC. Our “alternate history” Wild West buildings which are compatible with Wild West Exodus* and other Wild West games. Like many people out there we pledged very heavily for WWX and it is coming out soon. But, we needed to bling out our tables so this is just the beginning! Stable, town hall, more stores, more buildings are all in the works including a whole slew of props and fences to really add some flare to your table. So saddle up, get your trusty plasma six shooter and rule main street with a new sort of justice!

We are offering two kits to start, 3 single story buildings with two roof types and 2 two story buildings. Each roof is removable for gameplay inside and the roof has a steel plate decking pattern. In addition to this, various signs are available in an acrylic “neon” to add a little more flare to the building. Each of these are laser cut from MDF and require assembly and painting.