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Altais: Age of Ruin dystopian fantasy RPG Relaunches on Kickstarter

Not every campaign is going to go gangbusters on their first time on crowdfunding sites. That's just how things go. But what's important for those project creators is they don't give up heart. After regrouping, reconfiguring, and reevaluating, they can relaunch and hopefully make it the second time around. That's the hope for the people behind Altais: Age of Ruin, a dystopian fantasy RPG that's back up on Kickstarter.

In the universe of Altais, humanity is hanging on by a shoestring. An interstellar war, which humanity didn't exactly win (in fact, we apparently lost pretty badly), forced us back to just a single research out post. However, out there, we were able to... well... research. Time, Energy, Gravity, and Space, itself, is now under our control. However, the alien menace that blasted us from the rest of the planets has come a-callin'. Will you be able to survive and fight back, with the dream to once again have humanity spread among the stars or are you part of the last generation of humans to exist? That's up to you.

The campaign is about 60% funded with still 13 days left on the clock.