Altais: Age of Ruin, a new Dystopian Science Fantasy up on Kickstarter

Parahelia Games launched a Kickstarter campaign for Altais: Age of Ruin, their new dystopian science fantasy RPG setting.


From the campaign:

We have just launched Altais: Age of Ruin – a dystopian fantasy set far in the future, where the land has been ravaged by magic, where once noble kingdoms have fallen into tyranny and rebellion, and where the players can work to save the world or dance in the ashes.

This will be the first book in the Rephaim War saga, a new series of games about humanity waging a war throughout the ages: from their early beginnings on primordial earth to their distant future on a faraway world. Depending on our success we plan to expand it into a campaign arc from the beginning of human history, through to the War across the planes and beyond. It will be a series containing both science fiction and fantasy elements, focusing on adventure and the ongoing struggle against the horrors of the past.

We begin at the end of the story: humanity has fled their home to other worlds, built new civilizations and waged countless wars. Society has fallen and technology has been lost, but now on the distant world of Altais they try one last time to rebuild while the ancient enemy, the Rephaim, claim more territory every year. It is a desperate and dangerous time, the perfect time for heroes.

Parhelia Games is a new indie studio, based in Melbourne, Australia. We are dedicated to producing tabletop roleplaying games, board games and anything else that inspires our imagination. Launching on Kickstarter to fund our first project – the universe of Altais. The Altais core book will be a hardcover RPG book, finely detailed and beautifully illustrated, the first of many books to come.