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Alpha Maille practices their scales

Alpha Maille has some new products they're working on, including blacklight-sensative and hammered effects.


From the update:

Hello everyone, I have a couple new additions to my chainmail/scalemail dice bag line I'd like to share. UV reactive scales!! When these scales are subjected to a black light they will glow a blue/green color. We will be posting pics of a UV bag, complete with UV rings, later on this week. With every purchase, this bag will come with it's own UV keychain light. In addition to this, we are working on yet another new scale bag concept, hammered copper effect scales. We hope to unveil this later on in the week also. For anyone looking to buy dice, we stock those also. And lastly, we have added several new drawstring accessories to include dragons, spikes and even a new grenade cord lock.

Thanks for looking. Anyone that contacts us on fb and tell us they saw our post here will get a 15% discount off their entire purchase.