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Alpha Legion Accessories Now Available to order from Forge World

Customizing Space Marines... It's a pretty popular thing to do. After all, there are so many different chapters out there, all with different rules of some form, that distinguishing one from another can be tough. A squad of Tac. Marines could be used just about anywhere as they are, but if you want your force to stand out, doing a bit to distinguish them could go a long way. As such, Forge World is once more helping out with some customization pieces. In this case, it's Alpha Legion heads and torsos.

The Alpha Legion Helmets set comes with 10 heads. The Torso set comes with 10 torsos. Sprinkle them throughout a force (or go in whole-hog and do up an entire army with them, if you so choose) to give your force a unique feel.

You can place your order now and they'll start shipping out next Friday.