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All Things Zombie updated and in stock

Lock and Load Publishing have received stock of their updated All Things Zombie boardgame. From their announcement:
All Things Zombie is back in stock. This second printing of the game features better game board construction and a stronger coating on the playing cards. Those of you that don't yet own a copy, might want to dive in. We will honor the P500 price until we ship all preorders (a few days). And keep in mind, any order over $35, placed before midnight on January 31st, could place your name in the hat to win a free Amazon Kindle. "Wow," you say, "that's a lot of zombie games." Well, it is and it isn't. The three zombie-themed games we are offering have no more in common that three different World War II games with vastly different scales and systems. All Things Zombie is tactical, man vs zombie fun. It's like a war game, but the enemies are zombies (usually). Zombie War is strategic. Think something like Pandemic, but with combat. Simple combat, but combat. Run, Fight, or Die is a unique, dice-driven game that the entire family can learn in five minutes, and play in thirty more. We cannot stress enough the potential of RFOD. Mark has never taught the game to anyone (gamer or non-gamer) who hasn't loved it. If you are looking for a game to pull your family away from the Boob Tube, this is it.