All the King’s Men Releases New Napoleonics

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Feb 13th, 2012

All the King’s Men is pleased to announce the addition of French Imperial Guard Chasseurs a Pied and Middle Guard infantry to their Napoleonics line:

From their website:

These are 54mm metal figures for wargaming and collecting. You can see them here (just look for the “new” sunbursts):

The sets are as follows:

12 men in greatcoats + 2 command $40 USD
6 men + 2 command $25
Single figures are also available for $5 each

Heads on these figures come separate, giving you as much diversity as possible. For the chasseurs those include bearskins, chapeau du bras, bicornes and bare. For the Middle Guard it’s shakos with chevrons, oilskins, bare and bicornes.

These additions now make for comprehensive French regular infantry and Imperial Guard on foot.

Curious about wargaming in 54mm? Check out our own rules, available as a free pdf download:

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  • lordofexcess

    These guys are really amazing in terms of quality and price, what should be a very expensive scale really is amazingly affordable … nothing but kudos to these guys. One day I’d love to try some 54 MM gaming but thus far haven’t figured out how to make it happen in my local gaming community.

  • jackgaudette

    It is a long reach to bring 54mm to the table. There is a guy in the Maine wargames group that really really does it right. I bet Dean in the Maine Historical wargames group could point you in his direction.http;// I love these guys sculpts.

  • Thanks for the kind words, fellas! Lordofexcess, are you anywhere near the HMGS East shows this year, FL, GA or TX? We’ll be in them all at different times running games. You’d be welcome to play!