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All the King's Men releases new 54mm American Civil War line

All the King's Men goes big with their new 54mm American Civil War line, now released on their website.

From the announcement:

All the King's Men is pleased to announce the launch of our new American Civil War line! These are 54mm figures cast in metal, with some parts in plastic, all for wargaming and collecting.

The new line covers all the basics -- infantry, cavalry, artillery, skirmishers, command, mounted generals and casualties. This time round, we focus on the infantry. They come in two sets, Firing and Advancing, for both North and South.

Infantry Firing consists of 12 men and 2 command for $40 USD. The firing line includes 6 different poses, with a separate officer and color bearer.

Infantry Advancing also consists of 12 men and 2 command for $40 USD. The rank and file include 3 different poses, with a separate officer and color bearer unique from the firing set.

All heads on these figures are separate. There are 16 separate heads in 13 poses in each set, for all kinds of mix-and-match possibilities. Some arms also come separate in the Advancing set.

Many of the figures in our new ACW line were originally manufactured in plastic by Classic Toy Soldiers. We have licensed those figures to be made in metal. The conversion process has made for many new pose and conversion options. We have also added several original ATKM figures to the line to make it fully rounded.

While the figures come unpainted, ATKM does offer a painting service. Just contact us for rates and details.

Forthcoming is a set of ACW period revisions to the "All the King's Men" wargame rules. These will be made available as a free pdf download on our site. In the meantime, here's the link to a free pdf of the basic rules.