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All the King's Men Release AWI Queen's Rangers

All the King's Men is pleased to announce the next release in their American Revolution line, the Queen's Rangers! Check them out here:

From their website:

These 54mm figures are intended for wargaming and collecting. They're organized for use with the "All the King's Men" wargame rules, but any rules set will do.

The figures represent various troops from this loyalist legion. You get:

-- Battalion men/Rifle infantry at the ready (12 soldiers + 2 command)
-- Grenadiers at the ready and Highlanders* advancing as a converged infantry unit (12 + 2)
-- Light Infantry skirmishers firing (6 + 2)
-- Queen's Hussars or Dragoons -- you choose (6 mounted troopers + 2 mounted command)
-- Major John Graves Simcoe, mounted*
-- King's Color, Regimental Color and 2 flagpoles
* Highlanders and Simcoe are exclusive to this set

That's 45 metal figures, 9 plastic horses and 2 flags. This complete set is $150 USD. Shipping is a flat $10 to Continental US customers, with extra added for international orders based on destination.

Order the complete QR set by February 14, 2012 and you get a unit of light infantry skirmishers in round-about jackets firing, with 2 command. These men come in uncocked hats, available here only! That's a $25 value for FREE.

Some of the units in the QR series are also available individually. They include:

-- Battalion men/Rifle infantry at the ready (12 + 2) $40
-- Light Infantry skirmishers firing (6 + 2) $25
You get choice of heads for separate units.

You can also order most head sets for $3 for 9 heads.

All figures come unpainted.

You can check out the ATKM rules as a free pdf here:

Let us know what you think!