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All the King's Men Announces New Boxed Sets

All the King's Men anounces new boxed sets:

From their announcement:

We at All the King's Men are pleased to announce the return of our 54mm "Army in a Box" for the American Revolution.

This giant army set was one of our first products, and focused on the Battle of Trenton. Now that our AWI line is extensive, we've re-released the set, and you get to choose your own units! You can focus on the Continentals, British, French, Hessians, Rebels, Loyalists, or mix and match!

This boxed set includes:

1 Infantry Unit (12 soldiers + 2 command)
1 Infantry Unit (12 + 2)
1 Skirmisher Unit (6 + 2)
1 Artillery Unit (4 + 2 + a 6-pound twin trail cannon)
4 Disorder Markers (falling dead soldiers)
6 Casualties (plastic)
1 Mounted General*
1 Stone Wall
2 Hills
1 Split-rail Fence (24 inches long)
3 Trees*
1 "All the King's Men" Wargame Rulebook and Reference Card
3 Dice (Green, Yellow, and Red)
12 Resolve Counters (Green, Yellow, and Red)

Complete with wargame rules, a single Army in a Box allows you to battle a "friend" with an opposing army. Ordering two or more sets at a time awards you a free log firing position.

And shipping on Army in a Box sets is free if you're in the Continental US!

Each set is $175 USD. All figures are 54mm and unpainted.

We also offer a similar Army in a Box for the War of 1812. You pick American or British.