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All the King's Men Announce New Products

All the King's Men announce new products:

From their announcement:

All the King's Men is pleased to join TGN as a new advertiser. We at ATKM make our own original 54mm historical miniature lines. We also offer terrain, and our own wargame rules for fun, fast games. Keep an eye out for our banner ads!

We'd also like to announce the first wave of our new Napoleonic French Imperial Guard. They include Old Guard Grenadiers and Young Guard infantry.

These are 54mm unpainted metal figures for wargaming and collecting. They come in sets of...

12 soldiers + 2 command ($40 USD)
6 soldiers + 2 command ($25)
Individually ($5)
Heads ($4 for 12)

Soldiers come in greatcoats, while officers and eagle bearers are in campaign uniform. Heads and bodies are separate, and each set offers a variety of heads to get the most diversity from your figures.

You may have seen the spectacle of our 54mm wargames hosted at East Coast shows. You can download our rules for free here.

Coming soon will be Old Guard Chasseurs a Pied and Middle Guard infantry!