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All the German Migration period figures available now in Baueda's Indiegogo campaign

Baueda keeps unlocking new stuff in their 15mm Norse Irish Kickstarter. Now they've got all the German Migration figures available.


From the campaign:

Only a couple of days to go and another development point unlocked which would mean 4 extra packs available now... but wait, since you guys have been so supportive I decided to burn some midnight oil and get things really moving, so as for now ALL DTS codes are unlocked and you can add any of the German Migration period figures to your choices now!

Not only that, but since GAE4 – Irish Bonnachts and GAE7 – “Sons of death” have also received so much support I decided to push these forward as well, so they're on the sculpting table now and will soon see the light!

Two words about timing: as promised I've got to work on this as soon as the campaign started and the production molds for the Norse Irish are ready now, so by the time the campaign ends the Norse Irish figures will all be in production. If you selected the DBA NORSE IRISH perk or anyway your perk include only figures from the GAE range (including DTS7!) or any of the figures currently in our catalog (including VIK12!) it should ship in time within the next two weeks as planned.

While I'm packing and shipping the Irish-only perks I'll be making the master mold for the Migration Range, so that they should be also in production before the end of October. If you include any of the DTS codes (other than DTS7!) your perk will therefore be ready to ship in the first weeks of November!

As for the new GAE packs: GAE4 – Irish Bonnachts and GAE7 – “Sons of death” I expect to have them ready sometime before the end of the year. If you want to include them in your selections you have these options:

1) just let me know and I'll hold up your shipment until these are ready too.

2) get everything else shipped now, when the new packs will be out just mention you supported the Indieagogo Campaign and you'll get free shipping on them.

If you have any questions feel free to post them in the comment section and thank you again for your fantastic enthusiasm!