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All Quiet on the Martian Front announced from Alien Dungeon

Alien Dungeon is pleased to announce a new sci-fi minis game they're working on entitled All Quiet on the Martian Front.

From the announcement:

All Quiet on the Martian Front is a battle game in miniature set during the second Martian War, circa 1910. After their first defeat a few years earlier at the hands of stiff British resistance and unexpected environmental factors, the Martians have returned. This time they have started their invasion from the New World and they have well established themselves before surging forward in an unstoppable tide of destruction. The game begins on the Mississippi Defense Line, with America desperately trying to hold back the Martian advance. Super weapons by Nikola Tesla and Thomas Edison are being rushed to the front. President Roosevelt leads the nation against the blood sucking Martians and their incredible machines. Baldwin Locomotive Works and Henry Ford work feverishly to produce as many of the new steam powered tanks for the front as possible. J.P. Morgan, Carnegie and Rockefeller work together to make the fearsome new land Ironclads a reality. The United Kingdom, experienced with anti Martian war, sends the British Expeditionary Force to help. France and Germany, untouched by any Martian machines yet, gather forces and build armies, but for what purpose?

Black Dust, Heat Rays, miles and miles of trenches and traps all form the backdrop for tripods vs tanks with lightening guns, Rough Riders on early Harleys, and lots more.

Scale: 15mm (18mm really) We have chosen that size for the maximum potential for all forms of war machines, desperate platoons of infantry, and giant vehicles and fortifications. This is a battle game for the very survival of mankind and no mere skirmish!


Resin, metal, and plastic miniatures. The first plastic Tripod kit is already well on its way!


We have gathered some fantastic and experienced talent.

Authors- Rick Priestley, Alessio Cavatore, and Ernest Baker

Art, Sculpting, and Design: Will Torres, Anthony Ackland, Alan Marsh, Ernest Baker, Alyn Spiller, Andy Walsh, and more as we go.


Prices, delivery, dates etc to come, but the intent is to get it out within this year.

YOU can get involved now:

We have finished the Alpha testing on the game play and it’s now in Beta testing BUT we are encouraging an open discussion of the game, the miniatures, etc so you get a chance to shape it. The play testers are on the forum too and it will be interesting to see the ebb and flow as we finalize the game!