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All Out War: Battleground Minis Game Up On Kickstarter

You've got tabletop minis games. You've also got real-time strategy games. But what if you got your minis game into your real-time strategy game and your real-time strategy game into your minis game? You'd have All Out War: Battleground. If you're a fan of original Warcraft and you're a fan of Fantasy Miniatures Games, this is the project up on Kickstarter for you.

About the game:

All out War: Battleground is the first game in a planed series, all using the All out War universal wargaming system. First drafted in 1996 (!), the team really pushed development in the past 3 years to device a system that could be used to play both historical or fantasy battle, ranging from Leonidas to Napoleon, and bringing back the fun of rank and file units in the fantasy genre.

All out War is a modular system made of a slim core ruleset and a plethora of advanced rules, all optional. Everything, from over 100 pieces of equipment to various mounts and beats, war machines of all kinds, a dozen different formation and over 40 tactics, for all time periods, are covered. The game
also incorporates siege mechanics and even RPG-like characters who can gain experience points during the game.
All out War offer three real ways to play: Battlelines, putting armies one against another like most other wargames do, Arena, a dungeon crawling adventure mode and Battleground, which the current game is about.

The Kickstarter campaign's a good bit over 50% funded with still 32 days left to go.