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All Hands on Deck! returns to Kickstarter

Seems that everyone was still below-decks the first time around. That'd usually warrant a keelhauling, but the captains over at Salamander Games are benevolent to their crew. As such, they've simply relaunched their Kickstarter campaign for All Hands on Deck! Yarr arr yarr, I loddie the hotpants.

In the game, players are nefarious pirate captains (are there non-nefarious pirate captains? Or does nefariousness just come with the hat?) who are looking to get the best crew for their ship (all the better to plunder with). Obviously, good crew members will fetch quite a price. Out-bid and bluff your opponent in order to make sure the cream of the crop is on your boat at launch time.

The campaign's already about 95% funded with still 10 days left to go.