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Alkemy Kickstarter Campaign Launches

Alchemist Miniatures has launched their Alkemy Kickstarter campaign. This campaign is to fund two new factions for the game. And, well, that's done. The campaign just launched and they're already over their funding goal. As such, the Utopians and the Naashti are going to be part of the game. Woo!

You can check out what comes in the various core sets there above. But as you can see, you get the new miniatures, including the Kickstarter-exclusive figure, the rulebook, dice, tokens, and all sorts of good stuff. If you just want the minis, there's levels for that, too (in case you already have everything else).

As I said, they're already over their funding goal and working into stretch goals. They've unlocked some new minis as well as a scenario book add-on. The campaign is set to run for another 27 days.