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AlienDungeon has new Frightmare terrain pieces

AlienDungeon, an offshoot of Architects of War, has new Frightmare terrain pieces. Go check 'em out!

Not just your average trees and rocks:

Architects of War is now 18 months old and we have enjoyed every minute of it. We endeavor to bring you the best 28mm historical miniatures available combined with our own terrain and accessory kits. We are very grateful to the response we have received from our many customers, both hobbyist and Trade accounts. Support from our trading partners Perry Miniatures, Gripping Beast, Renedra, and Warlord Games has been extraordinary and we hope to keep serving all of you for years to come.

However, it’s time we split like some weird Amoeba monster so we can pursue some other things.

We are establishing a brother company to Architects of War called AlienDungeon. This new company will allow us through a separate web site to release and retail products in the Adventure, Sci-Fi and Fantasy market where we hope to make lots of new friends.

We are off to a running start by introducing our new Frightmares line of Fantasy terrain and Pan Galactic Geographic*, a range of HARD Sci-Fi terrain, miniatures and vehicles. And since we are delving into the Sci-Fi/Fantasy market, the Woodbine Design Science Fiction Range is now being stocked by us. And last but certainly not least, we will be carrying the complete collection of “dungeoneering” figures from Otherworld Miniatures. The Otherworld Miniatures sculpts are fantastically sculpted, modern takes on classic designs. We are very excited to be able to offer all of these items for sale at Cold Wars and our web store soon after.

But the BIG NEWS for AlienDungeon is that we will be producing two complete game systems this year with rules, miniatures and terrain. The first project is titled Fanticide which we are doing in partnership with Eureka Miniatures, and the second will be a Sci-Fi game. We have gathered together some of the finest people in games design, toy design, and film to produce some great products. Time and our customers will tell us if we get this right!

The first of our offerings are:

Blood Tree, A Single Giant Monstrous Tree Demon……….….$31

Hag Stone, A Sacrificial Altar complete with victim………….$14

Tree Haunts, Three Trees Filled with Lost Souls……………… $58

Hole Beast, Just the protruding mouth of a titanic beast.. $14

We will be posting additional information about our initial Sci-Fi/Fantasy releases on the Architects of War blog until the AlienDungeon blog is created. This additional information can be found here:

Please stop by the Architects of War booth and chat with us about our future plans and current offerings.

For those of you that are fans of Architects of War, fear not. We will continue to put out lots of great stuff this year and continue carrying some of the best miniatures available. We will put out a news item with some new releases available at Cold Wars from us and are happy to say we have even put the American Uncivil War rules into the hands of some professionals to get it out in time for Historicon. We also have a special event planned for 28mm historical gamers coming this summer. More on that very soon.

WARNING- Our Fantasy products are intended for Mature Audiences. The descriptions and nature of the models and background thereof contains excessive fantasy violence. Parental Discretion is advised. There are many other Fantasy products out there suitable for younger gamers.

*The Pan Galactic Geographic Society is brought to you through the generous donations of the Epsilon Eradani Corporation.