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Alien Lab launches Geek Dice Kickstarter campaign

Alien Lab knows what gamers want... dice. They've got a new dice game called Geek Dice up on Kickstarter that's looking for funding.

From the campaign:

Geek Dice comes with five 19mm six-sided dice embossed with symbols for Rock, Paper, Scissor, Lizard, Spock and the GEEK DICE Atom symbol. In addition to the dice, the game also comes with 150 playing chips and a full color Symbol Analyzation Chart (IE, "What Beats What" chart).
• Each player receives 1 die and an equal number of chips
• Each player antes up 1 chip at the beginning of each round
• All players roll the dice simultaneously
• Consult the chart to see if there is a clear winner or draw
• When a draw occurs the players involved continue rolling off
• Losers are eliminated until the next round
• The winner is allowed a chance to roll the Atom to claim the pot. If the pot is not won it continues to grow
• A new round begins
• The last player with chips wins the game