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Alien Dungeon updates about All Quiet on the Martian Front shipping

Alien Dungeon lets us know how things've been going along over there, with convention season and shipping for the next wave of All Quiet on the Martian Front.



From the post:

Wow, what a run! Two big shows within thirty days, broken toes, staff changes and lots of other distractions are now over. We look forward to next year’s Gencon, in particular, since we will have more than 30 days notice that we will be there as a vendor!!!

The packing of Wave 2 will begin towards the end of next week. As previously stated, we will be packing at least 50% of the boxes before we announce that shipping has begun. We will let everyone know shortly which products will be shipped in Wave 2. We also hope to have some good news on the PDF version of the rules soon.