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Alien Dungeon previews Creepy Mother

Alien Dungeon has a new preview up and it's one Creepy Mother "Shut Yo' Mouth!" ... I'm just talkin' 'bout Fanticide.

From the preview:

Creepy Mothers are huge ambling creatures. Creeps grow and grow until big enough to fight and destroy a Creepy Mother and usurp her place as leader of the warband. Eating the old Creepy Mother’s skin changes the newcomer into a spawning machine. A Creepy Mother buds off tiny little Creeps night and day. If hungry she will eat her young, those that escape her grasp cluster together as Creepy Crawlies. Creepy Mothers have a rancid and fetid breath, quite capable of causing harm to her enemies.

The purpose of the Creepy Mother is to eat, breed new Creeps, and eat some more (sometimes the very Creeps she just bred!). The Creepy Mother is the largest of all the initial Fanticide releases and is a very detailed, Resin model. It comes with a specially cast resin base as well.