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Alien Dungeon - Meet the Creeps

Alien Dungeon gives you the Creeps, but in this case, that's a good thing. It's their new race they've got coming out and here's the first look at 'em.

From the website:

Me- "Oh, go on and put up some pictures"
Marketing Guy- 'But the models aren't quite done and these are just test shots"
Me- "Oh, go ahead and put up some pictures
Marketing Guy- Should we show a picture of the Creepy Mother too?
Me- "No not yet"
Marketing guy- "What about their background?"
Me- "Well, how about this great bit of fiction form Skye? We can talk about the Hole later...."
Marketing guy- "Ok, but its not a complete picture and people want to know more about the rules..."
Me- I left to paint some more models for tonight's playtest.