Alien Dungeon launches All Quiet on the Martian Front Kickstarter

By Polar_Bear
In Crowdfunding
May 7th, 2013

Alien Dungeon has officially launched their All Quiet on the Martian Front Kickstarter campaign (I’m still groovin’ on that name).

From the campaign:

The Martian attack of 1898 brought terrible devastation to the city of London and set the course of human history upon an altogether unexpected path. Amongst the ruins of the greatest metropolis on Earth, the Martians had – in the end – faltered and perished. Everyone now knows that these invaders were overcome, not by the might of Queen Victoria’s armies, but by nature’s own forces of disease and decay. Against these mere microbes, the Martians’ superior minds could muster no defense. Where mankind had failed, the smallest and least significant of all Earth’s organisms had triumphed.

Although the Martian invasion shocked the world and caused widespread panic in the days that followed, by the early years of the twentieth century, many influential thinkers were eager to proclaim the aliens a spent force. Fear of further alien attack was gradually displaced by the humdrum concerns of life and commerce. It is sobering to reflect that most people were happy to accept this misguided notion, as we now know it to have been. All over the world, only a few visionaries continued to warn that the first attack might have been a scouting foray, the precursor to a full-scale invasion. They urged humanity to ready itself for war or risk extermination. These men were openly ridiculed and all too often dismissed as alarmists and cranks.

Few even noticed the arrival of the second wave of Martian cylinders that fell to earth sometime around the end of 1908. By the time the Martian presence came to the attention of the governments of Earth, it was already too late.

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  • Haibane

    Have to say that the miniatures certainly look a lot better when they’re all together like that – when I saw them on their own before it was difficult not to judge them as if they’re 28mm scale, even though I know they’re only 15mm XD.

  • Funded in under two hours, that’s quite impressive.

  • I’m tempted, but it is more expensive than I was anticipating…

    • grimbergen

      For all plastics, definitely. And it seems they’ve already revealed all potential stretch goal freebies, which is not that many?

      • blkdymnd

        They’ve barely started previewing free stretches. And I don’t see them as expensive especially since a lot of them are the size or much larger than a lot of 28mm models. Plus 47% off retail for the pledge levels with free stretches worked in….

        • grimbergen

          Well unless I’m misunderstanding their intent, in the graphic for each pledge level, it shows the number of locked/unrevealed stretch goals available for that pledge level.

          Since the total number of unrevealed stretch goals in the graphic is greater than the total revealed stretch goals, it leads me to believe that is all.

          Of course they could easily change the graphic to add more, but as it is now, it looks like there’s only a small amount of bonus stretch goal freebies for the pledge levels.

          • blkdymnd

            They’ve mentioned there will be a lot more and the graphic was meant to represent the beginning ’round’ of stretch goals. My guess is that they had these first stretch goals planned from the get go, not realizing how much they’d make and they’ll plan and release more probably as more funds rise.

      • CptJake

        They are not all plastics… Not even close.

      • cad2112

        So far it seams the tripods are HIPS. Per the Kickstarter:
        The Assault Tripods are high resolution prints of the tooling master program. It’s very close but there are still small changes to be made including a finalization of the Black Dust launcher, for example. The bases for the models will be coming from our friends at Renedra in the UK. The final models will be plastic (the tripods) molded in High Impact Polystyrene (model kit plastic).Some of the models are all metal, and others will be produced as kits containing both metal (for strength) and resin (for bulk) parts. We are gamers first and foremost and know that it’s important that models go together well and are durable enough for play. None of them will resist an actual Heat Ray though

        • cad2112

          Posted the last comment too fast…the other models appear to be metal and resin. I’m glad the tripods are HIPS. They will hold up much better than resin or metal. As for price tooling for plastic is not cheap even if plastic is. That is a rough hurdle for any company. I expected a pretty high price point on this one.

          I backed it because I like the theme and it has been some time since I sunk my teeth into a 15mm game. It’s a rough one because of price but there are other comparable games out there that are just as high if not higher in cost. At the very least the pledge levels are offering a pretty decent discount, but those add-ons will hurt the wallet. It is going to be interesting to see where this one ends up. So different from Zombicide or other board games. Rough one for completionists. I hope they do well.

          • grimbergen

            I do agree the higher upfront costs for creating plastics, but I would say that cost should be attained by having a higher project goal rather than pricing each individual pledge level high since that should reflect the final retail costs which would be lower than metal/resin.

            And while it’s counter to economics and standard retail practices, I feel that niche gaming systems should be charging less since it would be harder to find other players and they need to sweeten the deal to attract more interest.

            While GW certainly charges a ridiculous amount for minis, most other makers, especially those for historicals which I consider this to be in the genre of, are priced at least ½ or even less than GW’s.

            Maybe my math/association thought processes are skewed, but taking into account the smaller scale, this actually seems like GW level pricing. Not surprising since a few of the team are vets of Nottingham. I don’t expect the CMON/Zombicide-level wild ride of freebies, but at least something more proportional to KS projects like Empire of the Dead or Helldorado.

          • cad2112

            I think that this game is more on par with Flames of War as far as pricing goes. Perhaps a bit more, but not by much. I’ve not really done an apples to apples as it is a bit hard to do since we don’t have actual pricing for all pieces. None the less both are very expensive.

            Unfortunately I think niche gaming systems like this are almost compelled to charge more because they don’t have the huge player base to tap into. I think it is the catch-22 scenario of the hobby gaming industry. Especially when it comes to minis. A company has something really cool to bring to market, but it is only going to appeal to a small segment of the overall market. That cool product has some serious up front costs: R&D, design, tooling, production, shipping, etc. Not to mention share holder expectations. It would be nice if they could charge less. I just don’t think it is economically feasible or sustainable in the long run.

            I do think for a Kickstarter project companies must be cognizant of value for dollars pledged. For this project in particular I think the higher base pledge levels get you a good deal. Once they started revealing the real costs of the add-ons it gets a little scary. With a lot of it being in the realm of unknown as far as game play goes and what is next for product I think it is a tough pill to swallow for the average consumer.

            I do see they are adding more lower level entry points. It is a good thing, but they are still a bit expensive. I really think they should have started from that premise rather than the overall big package. It might have lured more people in before sticker shock hit. It might be a good idea if they outline a few more free stretch goals upfront. It will be an interesting campaign to watch.

  • I was interested until I saw the price.

    Plus, the starter with just three alien pods VS all that American stuff, seems, … boring?

    Like a colossal VS 20 pts of WM/Hordes.

  • I’m very tempted by this.

    The War of the Worlds (in my opinion) is just one of the most amazing books ever written so I’m excited!

    Whether 3 Alien Tripods vs. a slew of human forces will be interesting or not will depend on the rules. If the Tripods are anywhere near their power level in the fiction 3 should be more than enough!

    I’ll be watching this one closely.

  • grimbergen

    Wow I just realized these are the guys from Fanticide…that KS project and system overall seemed much less professional — which was shocking given the ex-GW guys behind it– whereas here they really stepped it up with the production values.