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Alien Dungeon holding a poll to see what the next Fanticide Warband should be

Alien Dungeon wants your input as to what the next Fanticide warband should be.

From them to you:

We want you to participate!
With Fanticide off to the printer and the first four warbands all in production, it’s time to look forward already. We want to support the game with lots of free online content like the stats and back story for new units and warbands for example. These have to be conceptualized, designed, backgrounds developed and game balanced. We already have some on the way, but we want to do more.

We really want the Fanticide community to participate in the direction the game and Nowhere itself for that matter. Obviously until you have the rulebook in your hands and a few games under your belt, it’s hard to participate on anything but theme but we see no reason not to start anyway!
We are running a poll on our blog asking you to vote for the warbands listed below.