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Alien Dungeon announces start date for All Quiet Kickstarter, posts beta rules online

Alien Dungeon is looking to start their All Quiet on the Martian Front Kickstarter next week. They've also posted up the beta rules online on their forums so you can check them out.

From the announcement:

Yes, we are targeting April 30th but it may be a day or two later. There is still a lot to be done. We feel comfortable that we will be very close to that date. The Game Play video is being shot tomorrow and all the modeling is finished (Yay!). We are almost ready to load it all into the Kickstarter format. We really wanted to get this right, so thanks for your patience.

All Quiet on the Martian Front, INVASION - The Starter Game-

We finished the design and all the costing on the Starter set! You’ll get two complete and balanced forces of 600 points each - US Army and Martian Tripods. The rules are included in a reduced book without hobby material, background or army lists. You will also receive templates and dice. Our starter game for All Quiet on the Martian Front will be priced at an MSRP of $100. That is NOT the Kickstarter price…

New Models for your Review

The Assualt Tripods

The towering Assualt Tripods are the backbone of the Martian Invasion. They are the most feared and hated of all the Martian machines of war. These vast silver machines stand fully forty feet tall and each carries a single Martian pilot. The alien occupies a sealed cabin covered by an armored hood, from which hangs a number of coiling metallic tentacles that are incredibly strong and dexterous. With these tentacles, the Martian pilot can direct the Tripod to pick up objects or push aside obstructions in its path. Besides these appendages, the Tripod has two larger arms that carry weapons of one sort or another, most commonly the Heat Ray Projector, sometimes the Black Dust Dispenser, or alternatively the tripod can hurl Green Mist globules. The whole machine is carried along upon three tall legs. Tripods are superbly balanced machines that move with great speed and surety – they are not lumbering monsters as many who have never seen one in action often imagine.

The plastic tripod Kit can build any of the three main versions. The kit stands nearly six inches tall when complete and comes with a base. One of the three legs can be repositioned. The other two insure a stable model when complete.

We are Beta testing the rules now BUT we are encouraging an open discussion of the game and the miniatures so you get a chance to shape it. The play testers are on the forum too and it will be interesting to see the ebb and flow as we finalize the game! You can do this on our Forums