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Alien Dungeon announces new add-ons for Fanticide campaign on Kickstarter

Alien Dungeon is almost to their goal on Kickstarter with still 10 days to go. They've added some new add-ons to help entice you to fund them.

With such a great reception to Fanticide from you all, we wanted to offer you all a chance to add on to your pledges with even more great models! We have put together the following upgrades for your pledge amounts:

750 Point Boosters
The various starter warband vary in points as listed in the warband contents. If you would like to take your warband to 750 points (a good average game size) we have put these add on packages together for your to make it easy!

Liberi 750 Point Booster - $27 ($38 retail value)
Liberi Stickers Blister (4 models)
Liberi Retainers Blister (2 models)

Fae 750 Point Booster - $44 ($61.50 retail value)
2x Fae Shootist Blisters (8 models)
2x Fae Sticker Blisters (10 models)
Forest Father Blister (1 model)

Creep 750 Point Booster - $112 ($159 retail value)
6x Creep Clubbers Blisters (24 models)
2x Creep Crushers Blisters (4 models)
2x Creepy Crawlies Blister (6 models)

Flying Monkey 750 Point Booster - $78 ($111 retail value)
2x Monkey Stickers Blister (16 models)
2x Monkey Slasher Blister (16 models)
Monkey Shootists - Blunderbuss Blister (8 models)
Flying Gorilla Blister (1 model)

Individual Add-Ons

Any Sticker, Shootist, or Crusher Blister - $17.25 each
Vulture Blister - $13.50
Chieftain Blister - $7.50
Retainers Blister - $11.25
Hole Beast Hostile Terrain - $10.50

Any Shootist, Sticker, or Crusher Blister - $10 each
Peeves Blister - $15.75
Satyr Legend Blister - $4.50
Brownie and Spryte Master Blister - $9
Feral Satyr Clubbers Blister - $10
Forest Father Blister - $8.25
Blood Tree Hostile Terrain - $23.25
Tree Haunts Hostile Terrain - $43.50

Creep Clubber Blisters - $11
Creep Crusher Blisters - $13.50
Creepy Crawly Blisters - $15.75
Creepy Mother - $18

Flying Monkeys
Any Shootist, Slasher, Sticker Blisters - $14.25 each
Flying Carpet Blisters - $9
Legend and Retainers Blister - $12
Flying Gorilla - $12

To add these to your Pledge, just increase the Pledge amount by the appropriate dollar amount. Then in an email, tell us what upgrades you would like with the subject line Fanticide Upgrades