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Alien Dungeon announces Fanticide

Alien Dungeon announces their new minis gaming coming out soon: Fanticide!

From the announcement:
Alien Dungeon is pleased to officially announce Fanticide! This
exciting new 28mm Fantasy Skirmish Game features warbands battling
across the twisted landscapes of the plane Nowhere.

The game rules have been written by Rick Priestley, Alessio Cavatore,
Andy Chambers, and Ernest Baker.

The full announcement along with loads of details about the game can
be found here: Fanticide

Starting next week, we will be previewing the models, rules, setting,
and more. This game is sure to provide something for everyone so
please check it out! The game will have four (4) complete Warbands
with full miniature ranges at launch. A wonderfully unique facet of
the game is a full Warband Creation System and Open Architecture so
you can play with any models you choose and make the warband you want
to play with!

The game is slated for June release, so please check out the previews
until then.